Monday, April 13, 2020

04/12/20 Weekly Blog Post - We have over 22,500 different items on our website

Happy Easter Everyone
We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy

We are always adding more products. Come see us often.

*Thanks to all the new subscribers. You are very much appreciated.*

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My thoughts on our recent sales:
  1. As always, if you don't list it, you can't sell it. 
  2. All years of trading cards sell, even the mass-produced years (Now Vintage). Relive your childhood with these. Also, Great for TTM auto collectors. 
  3. Any sale is better than no sale.
  4. Sales have really picked up as we as a nation are going through this pandemic and "staying home".  
What did Simply Sandoval list/do in the last week? 
  1. Added inventory numbers to more trading card inventory and filed them in 
  2. Added more inventory from the death pile to our platforms
  3. We added more items to Mercari and started using Poshmark. 
  4. We have added USPS home pick-up for our outgoing packages. Will see how this goes
  5. Added more 2020 Topps Opening Day MLB singles/inserts
  6. Added more 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen MLBsingles/inserts
  7. Added more 2020 Donruss MLB singles/inserts
What will Simply Sandoval do in the upcoming year?
  1. We will focus more on listing on eBay and Etsy plus what other new channels our software provider (GleTech) comes up with. Mercari will not be added as a selling channel, it does not follow the GleTech business model.
  2. We will get all the inventory numbers added to our trading card inventory and get them all filed in.
  3. Perhaps we will add a storage unit to our monthly bills as our inventory grows and gets added to our platforms. 
  4. I am hoping to add a weekly vlog as we get more organized and get our platforms working for us.  
Find Our Listings

  • Jurassic Park - All the Jurassic Park Action Figures have been listed on eBay and on our store. See them here.
  • Alien and Predator - All the Alien and Predator Action Figures have now been listed. See them here. 
  • Model Railroader Magazines - Picked up 24 boxes of Model Railroader Magazines - these will be made up into lots. See them here. These will be processed over time. Space allowing.
  • Polly Pocket Picked up a lot of Polly Pocket items and some odds & ends. See our listings here.
  • Bonanza - We have added Bonanza as another selling platform. See our listings here.
  • Mercari - We added this platform as well. We will get more items listed as time goes by. See our listings here.
  • Poshmark - We just added Poshmark to our platforms and we need to list more items, but here is to our listings.
Have you visited our website lately? Everything Simply Sandoval all under one roof. All our listings on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy altogether. Did you know that everything that we have listed is not always on our other platforms? However, it is in our store. Always get 10% Cashback on any additional purchase. 

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