Monday, April 17, 2017

04/17/16 Daily Blog

One day closer to moving into the new place. Flooring is going in on Thursday and Friday. Can't wait. Perhaps we can start moving in this weekend. That would be absolutely awesome. Some work still has to be done, but it is just finish work now.
Did not have any orders today other than FBA. Still haven't gotten the shipment out and that won't be until after we get moved in to the new place. So at least the middle of May before that goes in. Life will start to get back to some normalcy when we get moved in.
We have appointments tomorrow and a trip to Oakland, CA on Friday. Perhaps we will hit the Savers in Vacaville on the way home. That would be great. We shall see though.
As always check out our store.

04/16/17 Daily Blog

Doing something a little bit different this time.  I am posting on blogger. Lots of research to find something that will work with audio. So far this is working with blogger.
 I cannot wait to see what will happen since I am using blogger instead of WordPress.
 So far this is pretty cool so I will be doing my normal daily blogs with blogger instead of Wordpress.  I knew that there was a way that the blogging with audio to text would work.
 Now I just have to set up everything to where it connects with our Shopify store.
 We didn't get much done today the weather being rainy again until at least Thursday. Well tomorrow is another day.