Tuesday, June 25, 2019

06/23/19 Weekly Blog Post - Over 17,600 different items listed

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Back In Stock:

Back In Stock Last Week:
  1. 2019 Topps Road To Wrestlemania #54 Cedric Alexander Defeats Mustafa Ali
  2. 2019 Topps Heritage #212 Hyun-Jin Ryu ---SOLD OUT---
  3. 2019 Topps Heritage #304 Chris Taylor
  4. 2019 Topps Heritage #330 John Gant
  5. 2019 Topps Opening Day #106 Gleyber Torres ---SOLD OUT---
  6. 2017 Topps Update #US244 Justin Turner
  7. 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini A & G Back #221
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My thoughts on our recent sales:
  1. As always, if you don't list it, you can't sell it. 
  2. Sales have picked up since I changed our shipping policies. Hopefully, they will keep the trend. In changing the shipping. I can no longer ship the items with confirmation...this has led to an increase in refunds, due to not getting to the customer in time. 
  3. All years of trading cards sell, even the mass produced years (Now Vintage). Great for TTM auto collectors.
  4. Any sale is better than no sale.
  5. We're getting more and more multi-quantity sales every day. :)
What did Simply Sandoval list/do in the last couple weeks? 
  1. Added inventory numbers to more inventory
  2. Adding misc. cards and sets.
  3. Added more inventory from the death pile to our platforms
  4. Worked on getting an FBA shipment out.
  5. Sorted some Pokemon cards
  6. Trying something new...adding a vlog to our blog.  Click on this link to view this weeks video. 
*Sorry no Vlog this week*

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