Wednesday, September 5, 2018

09/02/18 Weekly Blog - Over 14,100 different items listed

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Back In Stock:
  1. We're not buying right now as it is the summer slow down and we have "death piles". The death piles are getting listed. 5 listings a day unless the goal can't be reached.
  2. 2018 Score NFL #336 Bradley Chubb RC
  3. 2018 Score NFL #349 Sam Darnold RC
  4. 2018 Score NFL #359 Saquon Barkley RC
  5. 2018 Score NFL #369 Sony Michel RC
  6. 2018 Score NFL #388 Michael Gallup RC
  7. 2018 Score NFL #397 Dalton Schultz RC
  8. 2018 Score NFL #407 Richie James RC
  9. 2018 Score NFL #418 Cedrick Wilson Jr. RC
  10. 2018 Score NFL #429 Leighton Vander Esch RC
  11. 2018 Score NFL #436 Austin Allen RC
  12. 2018 Topps MLB #421 Lorenzo Cain
  13. 2018 Topps MLB #510 Freddie Freeman
  14. 2018 Topps MLB #650 Justin Verlander
  15. 2018 Topps MLB #700 Shohei Ohtani RC
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My thoughts on our recent sales:
  1. As always, if you don't list it, you can't sell it. 
  2. Sales have picked up some. Hopefully, they will keep the trend.
  3. All years of trading cards sell, even the mass produced years (Now Vintage). Great for TTM auto collectors.
  4. Any sale is better than no sale.
  5. Sales have slowed again, but we are getting some from Amazon FBA. A couple from Amazon MF and a seldom eBay order. Have to get some items listed on eBay so perhaps we can get back into search results.  
What did Simply Sandoval list/do in the last week? 
  1. Adding Misc. MLB Singles
  2. Adding Misc. NHL Singles
  3. Added some more 2018 Score NFL Singles
  4. Added some more 2018 Topps MLB Singles
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